Be Smart About Home Security: Checklist for New Homeowners

By January 23, 2017News

Home security is something which ranks highly on everybody’s list of domestic priorities. Contrary to popular belief, the proper protection of a home and its inhabitants – from everything from fire damage to burglary- needn’t cost a small fortune. In fact, modern advancements in technology have made highly sophisticated home security systems extremely affordable for earners of average salaries.

Don’t get us wrong, if you have the money to splash on an advanced customised system, there’s an endless highway of possibility for homes of any size. For the majority however, the budget simply isn’t there to convert a three bed semi into a castle; therefore, it’s often best to be smart about home security.

A home is particularly vulnerable when first moved into. Until tenants are aware of all of the individual quirks of a property, they are at increased risk to opportunistic intruders and accidental damage alike. With this, it is important that new occupants take it upon themselves to ensure that their new home will be a safe place to live. It can be financially draining to move house as it is, so any (purely financial!) corners that can be cut when it comes to security expenditure, should be.

Advanced Fire Safety and Security is an organisation committed to improving the security of private property – whether commercial or domestic. If you’re a new homeowner or have just moved into a rental, there are a number of cost effective processes you can run in order to drastically decrease your risk of burglary or fire. A few of them are as follows…

Review the Exterior of the Property

Over the course of our many years’ experience in this field, we’ve encountered innumerable homeowners who have been left perplexed that their windows and doors have been breached, yet who have never taken into consideration the measures of external security in-place.

The majority of emphasis is placed upon internal systems: deadbolts and locks; without a thought spared for the features that can (and should!) be considered for outside. Motion sensor-triggered security lighting and the like is no longer as pricey as it once was, and is certainly worth springing for when it comes to deterring trespassers!

Refresh Existing Systems

Whether you’re renting or buying outright, chances are there have been – up until very recently – people living in your new home before you. With that in mind, it’s perfectly plausible to suggest that there are individuals other than those you share your house that possess the means to enter undetected.

Seemingly obvious, yet all-too-easy to overlook things like getting the locks changed or changing the passwords on the burglar alarm are low-cost yet highly effectively in keeping out intruders in the long run.

Get Rid of Secret Access Points

Relevant advice for the vast majority, the scrapping of secret access points of systems is unfortunately a must for most in this day and age. Whilst storing a key under your favourite mosaic plant pot or the rusting tin pale by the shed provides a comforting safety net in the event that you ever lock yourself out, it just isn’t worth the risk – particularly for those living in densely populated areas. Rethink your alternative solutions: leave a key with a trusted neighbour, or even ask to hide it under their plant pot!

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