Access Control


We offer advanced identification such as fingerprint and retinal recognition.


Guard your home at one of its most targeted points. Our door entry systems are reliable and dependable.

Swipe Mechanisms

Monitor who enters and exits your property. Keycards are one of the best solutions.


These advanced sensors can be fundamental in stopping intruders in their first steps.

Bespoke Control Systems

Control activity within your business by eliminating the many risks.

The range of property access systems offered by Advance Fire & Security Systems is guaranteed to have you covered in no time. So, we can help you limit access to sensitive areas and warn off theft. 

Our systems include:

  • Numbered keypad installations
  • Card swipe mechanisms
  • Proximity sensors
  • Biometric, including fingerprint and retinal recognition

Types & Features

We provide systems that can be controlled from one central computer. For example, they can operate in excess of 1000 doors and can be linked to your site remotely. (Can be supplemented with inclusion of gates, turnstiles, car park access control and building management systems)

In addition, all of our systems can be optimised to include various recording and programming features.

This is ideal for achieving the following:

  • Investigating use of access points
  • Approving/disapproving access to individuals
  • Setting unique access levels to different staff members
  • Setting time-controlled access
  • Monitoring access times and tenures
  • Record emergency evacuation data

ProControl+ Access Control

ProControl+ is the ultimate smart device application for providing users with total control over their properties. ProControl+ can be used for standalone security or video systems, as well as fully integrated solutions