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Perfectly Tailored Access Control Systems.


Access Control SystemControl the various comings and goings within your business place and eliminate the many risks associated with unwarranted access issues.

The range of property access systems offered by Advance Fire & Security Systems Ltd is sure to have you covered in no time at all. We can help you limit access to sensitive areas and warn off theft via any combination of the following.

  • Numbered keypad installations
  • Card swipe mechanisms
  • Proximity sensors
  • Biometric, including fingerprint and retinal recognition

We provide systems that can be controlled from one central computer, operate in excess of 1000 doors and can be linked to your site remotely via ultra-secure internet connections. These solutions can be supplemented further yet with the inclusion of gates, turnstiles, car park access control and building management systems.

In addition, all of our systems can be optimised to include various recording and programming features, ideal for achieving the following:

  • Investigating how access points are being used
  • Approving and disapproving access to certain individuals
  • Setting unique access levels to different staff members
  • Setting time-controlled access
  • Monitoring access times and tenures
  • Record emergency evacuation data

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