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Whether your fire and security system need is for a week or for a year, we have you covered. Our cost-effective temporary solutions will help keep your property and staff safe.

Our Fire Evacuation System is simple to install and can be easily moved around site. The system is fully monitored and pp to 480 units can be linked up on a single system, allowing for coverage of even the largest sites. High tech software allows full access from compatible devices.

We also have three First Responder Trolleys available, all equipped with everything you will need on site to deal with fire, spillages or to help those in need of first aid.

A fully Mobile CCTV Unit which combines 7 metres of military grade metalwork with the latest cutting edge integrated technology to produce a powerful frontline security solution and can be easily repositioned around your site.

Our CCTV towers offer many features, including:

  • A Pan Tilt & Zoom camera which comes with infra-red to allow HD quality footage.
  • An on-board battery packs can power the system for up to 21 days.
  • Wireless 4G technology, transferring data fast.

The CCTV tower is also smartphone enabled, meaning you can view and monitor remotely from anywhere in the world and, should a live incident occur, an intruder can be engaged by one of our operators who will issue a live audio challenge.

Access Systems which have been designed to provide you with bespoke access control no matter how big or small your site may be are available, the options being:

  • A compact clocking-in system designed to be placed in your site office.
  • A stand alone turnstile designed to be built into your existing site perimeter.
  • A self-contained, plug-and-play module containing a turnstile and readers in a secure pod. Larger pods with multiple turnstiles are also available.

Our access systems are compatible with over 60 payroll systems, have an integrated report writer produces regular, bespoke reports and help in meeting BREEAM criteria and can monitor compliance. Access can be gained via swipe cards or biometric fingerprint readers and our CSCS integrated software allows for easy registration of staff via their CSCS card details.

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